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What Does a Membership Include?

  • Advanced Genetic Testing of 700,000+ SNPs
  • Advanced Bloodwork Testing of 68+ Biomarkers
  • 55-Minute Annual Visit with a Board-Certified Precision Medicine Physician
  • Quarterly Follow Up Physician Visits
  • Quarterly Follow Up Lab Testing
  • 50-page Personal Health Report
  • Thorough Medical History & Lifestyle Assessment
  • Unlimited Health Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Personalized Health Plan Covering: Nutrition, Exercise, Recovery, Supplements, & more
  • 25% Discount on Thorne Products
  • Advanced Testing Options
  • Care Support for Prescriptions, Referrals, & more

Membership Levels

Tier Essential Members Enhanced Members Elite Members
Cost $149/month Insured: $249 / 10% off Insured: $499
Telemedicine Additional Cost Included 2 Per Month (24 Years) Unlimited
Provider Access By appointment onlyduring regular business hours (9am-5pm)and must be scheduled (seen within 3 business days) Business hours (9am- 5pm), In-person appointments within 1 business day 24/7 access, Same-day clinic appointments during business hours, One home visit per year
Labs Full Price Yearly basic bloodwork (CBC, CMP, lipid profile, TSH reflex, HbA1c), Additional labs (35% off) Yearly comprehensive blood work (CBC, CMP, Lipid profile, TSH free T4/free T3, testosterone, estradiol, SHBG, Apolipoprotein B-100, Homocysteine, CRP, Lp(a), and more), Additional labs (50% off)
Services Full Price Continuous blood glucose monitoring (50% discount), Additional bloodwork/imaging (35% off), EKG, Vo2testing (1x per year, 35%discount), IV NAD+ and weight loss therapies (25% discount), Men's TRT with monitoring (25% off), Women's HRT with Bioidenticals (25% off), PRP/Allograft liquids NAD+ (15% off) Yearly preventative/screening basic imaging (Chest x-ray, DEXA/body composition, CT calcium score, EKG, CT lung, US Aorta, Mammogram) (50% off for applicable patients), Vo2 testing (2x per year), IV NAD+ and weight loss therapies (50% off), Men's TRT with monitoring (50% off), Women's HRT with Bioidenticals (50% off), PRP Allograft liquids/NAD+ (35% off)
Paperwork(FMLA) Excluded Included Included

*Note: *10% discount if membership paid in full for 12 months.

Explanation Of Membership Levels

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