Regenerative / Restorative Medicine

Regenerative & Restorative Medicine in Las Vegas is a revolutionary treatment that aims to restore and regenerate damaged tissues and organs in the body. It utilizes cutting-edge technology and scientific advancements to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, with the ultimate goal of improving overall health and well-being!

This innovative field of medicine focuses on harnessing the incredible potential of our own cells, tissues, and bioactive molecules to promote tissue regeneration. Through specialized treatments, regenerative medicine offers a promising alternative to traditional treatments for chronic illnesses and conditions!

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Non-Invasive Treatments With Regenerative / Restorative Medicine

Modern medicine has failed so many people’s health. One way that Thrive Rock is transforming people’s lives and health is through the use of regenerative and restorative medicine.

Treatments like hormone treatment, cognitive evaluation, holistic medicine, are just some of the many non-invasive methods used by Thrive Rock. Get in touch with our medical center to learn more about restorative medicine.

Addressing Lifestyle & Genetic Factors With Medicine 3.0

Medicine 3.0 is the latest revolutionary medical care, helping adults address all aspects of their health. This medical care uses real-time data, genetic information, and your lifestyle factors to treat conditions and illnesses at the source. Learn more about preventative care with Medicine 3.0 from Thrive Rock!

Medicine 3.0

Hormone Evaluation & Treatments For Restorative Efforts

Age, stress, and lifestyle factors all play a huge role in your natural hormone levels. Hormone evaluation and treatments from Thrive Rock are a non-invasive way to realign your natural production of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and other important hormones in the body. Find out more about this treatment and how it’s helping transform lives!

Maintain Bone Health With Musculoskeletal Evaluation and Optimization

Don’t let degenerative diseases like osteoporosis or arthritis constrict your life. Get ahead of these conditions with the help of musculoskeletal evaluation and optimization. Address any imbalances before it becomes a serious problem for your health!

Musculoskeletal Evaluation
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Gut Health Optimization To Reduce Bloating

Combat bloat and severe gut inflammation effectively with the assistance of gut health optimization treatments. This advanced form of regenerative medicine is meticulously crafted to assist you in alleviating discomfort and managing any distressing symptoms you may be experiencing.

Gut Health

Cognitive Evaluations To Maintain Brain Health

If you’re worried about degenerative cognitive disorders, then get tested with cognitive evaluations from Thrive Rock. Our restorative medical care methods provide personalized medical treatments to limit any conditions impacting your well-being.

Cognitive Evaluations

Skin Pen Microneedling For A Younger You

Feel and be forever young with skin pen microneedling treatments. Thrive Rock uses the best microneedling techniques to address any fine lines, wrinkles, and cracks impacting your skin quality!

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