Concierge Healthcare Services

Understand every aspect of your health and what’s causing it with our comprehensive Concierge Healthcare Services Las Vegas.
See our extensive medical treatments and how they can get your health and wellness on the right track!

Cardiovascular Health

Take charge of your heart’s well-being with our Cardiovascular Health services. From heart rate variability testing to stress tests, Thrive Rock offers comprehensive assessments and treatments to optimize your cardiovascular function and overall wellness.

Heart Rate Variability

Understand your heart’s fluctuations and peaks with heart rate variability testing. Let Thrive Rock better your heart health and overall wellness!

Dexcom (CGM)

Track your glucose in real-time using our Dexcom system. Maintain and manage your glocuse levels without the need to prick your fingers.

Arterial Stiffness Testing

A non-invasive medical examination that tests heart pulse pressure waves to determine your risk of hypertension and heart disease.

Stress Test

Stay on top of your heart health with our comprehensive heart stress tests at Thrive Rock!

Healthy Longevity

Embrace a healthier and more vibrant life with our Healthy Longevity services. From IV therapy to VO2 max testing, our personalized treatments and evaluations are designed to enhance your vitality, promote longevity, and support your journey towards optimal health.

IV Therapy

Boost your recovery, hydration, vitamin intake, and immune response through personalized IV therapy treatments at Thrive Rock!

Autonomic Testing

Find out if your autonomic nervous system is functioning properly or needs to be treated with non-invasive medical treatments.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Find out your resting metabolic rate to optimize your weight loss journey! Work with the health professionals at Thrive Rock today.

VO2 Max Testing

Test your cardiovascular health with VO2 max testing. Measure your oxygen intake during physical activity!

Lifestyle Evaluation

Need to reassess your lifestyle habits? Let Thrive Rock help! Our medical team offers lifestyle evaluations to help your health and fitness.

Grip Strength Testing

Measure your strength with grip strength testing. Find out how to build your grip strength or find out its weaknesses!

Regenerative / Restorative Medicine

Experience rejuvenation and renewal with our Regenerative/Restorative Medicine offerings. From hormone optimization to gut health optimization, Thrive Rock provides innovative treatments that promote cellular regeneration, restore balance, and revitalize your health from the inside out.

Medicine 3.0

Experience comprehensive healthcare with Medicine 3.0. Addressing underlying factors that impact your health!

Hormone Optimization

Rebalance your body’s natural hormones with hormone optimization. Put a stop to low testosterone, estrogen, and other hormone imbalances.

Gut Health Optimization

Limit the damaging effects of bloat, inflammation, and belly fat with our personalized gut health optimization treatment plans!

Musculoskeletal Evaluation and Optimization

Understand your musculoskeletal health with our musculoskeletal evaluation and optimization. Don’t let bone degenerative diseases impact your life!

Cognitive Evaluation

Keep your cognitive health in check with our extensive cognitive evaluations. Limiting the damaging effects of cognitive disease starts with an examination.


Thrive stronger, live longer with microneedling treatments. Let’s put a stop to fine lines, wrinkles, and damaged skin!

Weight Loss Programs

Embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier weight with our Weight Loss solutions. From nutritional guidance to Ozempic and Semaglutide treatments, our comprehensive approach helps you shed excess pounds, build muscle, and achieve sustainable results for long-term well-being.


 When dieting isn’t enough, boost your weight loss with the help of Ozempic treatments. A weight loss medication help you burn fat!

Semaglutide Treatments

An FDA-approved solution for weight loss. Semaglutide treatments helps manage your weight, appetite and even glucose levels!

Acute/Chronic Medical Management

Limit your chronic and acute pain or conditions with the help of regenerative medicine. See how we can treat underlying conditions at the source!

Nutritional Guidance

Need help losing weight, gaining weight, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Thrive Rock provides nutritional guidance for a healthier you!